It is painfully obvious by my lack of content of the last month or so, that I have not been around much.  I was always concerned when I started this blog that there would be periods when I would be so busy in my day job that I would not have the time to write content that I felt was worthy of posting here.  And this period of ‘darkness’ has been a prime example of that.  However it has not been due to purely ‘work’ related pressures that I have not been posting, well,  not my current work anyway. 

Introspective vs Extrospective

My bogging style, and that of many of the bloggers that I read is, for want of a better word’ quite ‘extrospective’,  where I share my thoughts, feelings, ideas and conversations for all who wish to read them.  However for bloggers like myself, who try to balance blogging with many other commitments there are times where you can’t be so open about what you are thinking, it’s is during those introspective times that blogging can become difficult.  When your blogging style reflects your day to day goings on, and you can’t talk about those goings on, you tend to loose your mojo,  and that is what happened to me.  I do find it quite interesting how, even though I have enough material to keep me blogging till the end of the year and beyond,  I could not get any of it down in the way I wanted to.  When you write from the heart, your heart needs to be in the right place to allow you to do it. 

What’s with all the introspection then?

Over the last few months I have been contemplating a career change,  and it has not been a decision I have taken lightly.  It has been a very introspective time for me,  not something I am used to I must admit.

Through all this introspective thought and deliberation,  I have a new mission, one that ultimately was not hard to refuse.  Having spent the last 6 years working in ‘back office’ strategic roles driving change in the BI arena within blue-chip organisations, in what was a focused decision to allow me to practice what I as a consultant used to preach, the time has come now for me to move back to my first love, and that is consulting.

So the mission is simple, I am joining a consultancy firm to drive the growth of their BI practice on a global scale.  This isn’t mission impossible,  these are very exciting times for BI, and Data Management and MDM in particular, this is mission very possible!  It will be a new front line, but one that is going to feed more thought, creative ideas and analysis, exciting times indeed!

 Mission accepted!