Data as a smoke screen

If you trust your data, you will be able to get on the front foot with your data consumers. Being on the front foot is the best form of defence in data provision. It allows you to clear the fog that the consumers spout about data, and the more often you do that, they more the consumers start to trust your data, or at the very least, stop using it as a smoke screen to bad performance.

Have trust in the data you provide, don’t let it bite you on the ass!

I need a Solution!

“As the CEO I don’t give a damn about features, I have a problem, and that is that my data needs to be treated as a strategic asset, and I need to make money from that asset, I need to see a direct impact to my profit line. I have a problem and I need a solution!”

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The Continuous Improvement Model in Data Governance

It is too often that data governance initiatives focus purely on the initial goals and deliverables, and forget about planning for continuous improvement. Once the project manager leaves and the team is disbanded, with no continued monitoring and measurement in place, the initial successes are wiped out as the in-life deployment flounders in a sea of change and static advancement.


Education – a must have in Data Governance

Education is vital in driving data governance to the front line, allowing the people to own the data. Widening the enterprises understanding of the need, risks, impact and benefits of data governance will smooth the path to success and ensure that they continue to follow that path as they do ‘do’ data governance.


Data Governance at the Front Line

In my recent blog series on MDM I brought up the topic of “Data Governance at the Front Line”. It is an important topic for me and with data governance currently high on the agenda, if the recent blogs and media publications are anything to go by, at the risk of a bit of repetition I thought it needed further attention. [...]


The Results are in

So,  the results of the inaugural Olympic Blog Bout between Jim Harris, Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen and myself are in.  All in all it was very close.  I recon you can take one vote away from me because I think my wife voted for me …
You can see the results here
But. it’s not the result that [...]


Where to start?

I suppose a good place to start is at the beginning …
Rather than regurgitate what is already a good article from a top Data Quality publication, this interview on Data Quality Pro provides a detailed backgound to my current MDM initiative.
I have a very keen interest in the harmoginisation of MDM and legacy Data Warehousing [...]

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