Data as a smoke screen

If you trust your data, you will be able to get on the front foot with your data consumers. Being on the front foot is the best form of defence in data provision. It allows you to clear the fog that the consumers spout about data, and the more often you do that, they more the consumers start to trust your data, or at the very least, stop using it as a smoke screen to bad performance.

Have trust in the data you provide, don’t let it bite you on the ass!

An MDM Festive Tale

As we all know Santa is a very busy man at this time of the year. However for him to be able to run his operation with such military precision, he works all year round, with the help of his trusty team of Elves, Reindeer and dear old long suffering Mother Christmas.

One day in early January Santa was sitting on a beach in the Bahamas, enjoying a well earned break, when he received a call on his iPhone (yes even Santa has an iPhone!)

“Hello is that Sir Nick?’ asked the caller

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