Education – a must have in Data Governance

Education is vital in driving data governance to the front line, allowing the people to own the data. Widening the enterprises understanding of the need, risks, impact and benefits of data governance will smooth the path to success and ensure that they continue to follow that path as they do ‘do’ data governance.


Data Governance at the Front Line

In my recent blog series on MDM I brought up the topic of “Data Governance at the Front Line”. It is an important topic for me and with data governance currently high on the agenda, if the recent blogs and media publications are anything to go by, at the risk of a bit of repetition I thought it needed further attention. [...]


MDM – It’s all about the people

Part 1 of this series introduced us to the concept that MDM is not about the technology, you need to get the People and Process side of the strategic triangle right before selecting and deploying your chosen technology. In part 2 we covered the relationship between Business Process and MDM and how dependent they are of each other. Now in part 3 we are going to take a look at the ‘People’ part of MDM, from a business perspective. [...]

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