Data as a smoke screen

If you trust your data, you will be able to get on the front foot with your data consumers. Being on the front foot is the best form of defence in data provision. It allows you to clear the fog that the consumers spout about data, and the more often you do that, they more the consumers start to trust your data, or at the very least, stop using it as a smoke screen to bad performance.

Have trust in the data you provide, don’t let it bite you on the ass!

I need a Solution!

“As the CEO I don’t give a damn about features, I have a problem, and that is that my data needs to be treated as a strategic asset, and I need to make money from that asset, I need to see a direct impact to my profit line. I have a problem and I need a solution!”

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Tell me the Truth!

It was Galileo who said “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them” and I couldn’t think of a more apt opening statement to this debate [...]

MDM – What about the technology?

I kicked off this series with the statement ‘MDM – It’s not about the technology’. However, as I was writing, I knew that I would have to close off and talk about the technology, it is a key part of the MDM world, a critical enabler to MDM success. So, at the risk of sounding like a complete hypocrite and contradicting myself, let’s talk about the technology. [...]

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MDM – It’s all about the people

Part 1 of this series introduced us to the concept that MDM is not about the technology, you need to get the People and Process side of the strategic triangle right before selecting and deploying your chosen technology. In part 2 we covered the relationship between Business Process and MDM and how dependent they are of each other. Now in part 3 we are going to take a look at the ‘People’ part of MDM, from a business perspective. [...]

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MDM – It’s all about the process

There are two key tracks to the discussion about process:
1) Business Process – How MDM fits in with business process, especially around MDM’s relationship with Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiatives.
2) MDM Process – The processes that drive the MDM world, including any MDM deployment methodology or framework and Data Governance processes.

I think we should leave the MDM Process piece alone for now, it is key to any MDM deployment and management life-cycle and warrants detailed focus on it’s own. [...]

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MDM – It’s not about the technology (part1)

Starting with the fact that over 50% of the packed audience were from the business, and not ‘IT’, there was a clear theme that ran throughout the conference, and that theme centered around process and people. It was a comforting revelation to me, as I have been ranting on for a while that ‘MDM is not about the technology’ we need to get the people and process management in place as a business, technology is an enabler! [...]

Where to start?

I suppose a good place to start is at the beginning …
Rather than regurgitate what is already a good article from a top Data Quality publication, this interview on Data Quality Pro provides a detailed backgound to my current MDM initiative.
I have a very keen interest in the harmoginisation of MDM and legacy Data Warehousing [...]

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